Just as everyone has a story, every building has one too. With each Rendition project, there is a personal connection. We are equally committed to why we would do it as we are to how we accomplish it.

Founder Brian Roche embodies a lifelong pursuit for good design. His entire professional career has focussed on architecture and its intersection with our daily lives. With this in mind, we evaluate every development project not only on the impact on the neighbourhood’s growth but also the opportunity to create something not done before.

Established in 2003, Rendition Developments Inc has invested, developed and managed over $300,000,000+ in office, industrial, residential and purpose-built rental developments.


Rendition Developments is a vertically integrated organization with an in-house team that manages and executes all aspects of development and construction from acquisition to completion.

We focus on up-and-coming urban neighbourhoods seeking opportunities with a fresh perspective. Working with innovative architects, we utilize the latest technologies to devise and produce better environments for work and living for all the individuals who use them every day.